How to Find a Good Roofing Company


Finding a good contractor is important but typically challenging for consumers who don’t know a thing about the roofing business. Some states don’t require roofers to have a license, but if this credential is required where you live, then find someone who has it. A licensed roofer is someone who has passed practical as well as written exams, and who can guarantee you a venue in the event that you have complaints later on.

A lot of roofing contractors have no professional certification and has shown low quality installations and overall workmanship. You’ll want to stay away from them as much as possible, and that is why you have to choose wisely.

Here are points that can help you choose a good roofing contractor:


One of the first things you’d like to know about a roofer is how long they’ve been in this line of work. If they’ve been here for a while, they may be doing something great, given that the industry is now very competitive.

Permanent Business Contact

Permanent contact information is just another indication of a stable company. Try to do a little research. If they’ve had the same business address, phone number and email address for years, that could mean they’re here for the long haul. That is, in fact, a telltale sign of an established company and roofers near me.


Subcontractors are generally paid per project, and this can work against you. Everyone will be rushing to the finish line, so they can get started on the next job!

Written Contract and Estimate

It’s crucial for all job specifications and prices to be supplied to you in writing. Also keep in ind that established company, being financial stable, do not usually ask for a deposit. Roofers typically ask for a down payment, however. That’s usually fine, as long as they’re not asking for more than a third of the overall project cost.

Consumer Records

Check with the Better Business Bureau to know if there are serious complaints filed by consumers against your prospective bradenton roofers. Take a look at their rating.

Industry Association Membership

Although membership in an industry association is not an assurance of good performance, it is a sign that the roofer is dedicated to his work.


Pick a roofer that provides a workmanship and material warranty. If a roofer won’t give you warranty, look elsewhere._


Never work with an uninsured roofer. In the event of an injury or accidental damage on the job, you could be liable.

Client References

Never skip this part. Just one conversation with a few previous clients can reveal a lot about the roofer. If the contractor won’t give you references, it only means one thing: they’re hiding something. You don’t have to know what it is. Just find another roofer.

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